Taktyczny Robot Miotany TRM Tactical Throwing Robot


TRM® Tactical Throwing Robot is a stealthy and quiet robotic device. TRM® is designed to perform an inspection and reconnaissance in difficult to access places.

TRM® can be thrown into a building or to an open area and steered by remote control in order to perform an inspection from a safe distance. Robot’s construction is designed to withstand the impact produced by a fall from up to 9 meters.  The current second generation of the robot has silent drives and a new handheld control panel which makes the TRM® even better than before. TRM® has also possibility of carrying and initiating flash bang grenade.

Applications of TRM®
– open area and objects inspection and reconnaissance,
– possibility to transmit sounds produced in the robot’s immediate area,
– possibility to work in different light conditions,
– possibility to cast light on targets and dangerous objects,
– additional devices and accessories can be adapted to the robot
(e.g. flash bangs, smog, teasing grenades),
– up to 3 devices can be steered from one control panel.

  TRM Leaflet 0.18 MB

Technical data

( all weights and dimensions are approximate and details are subject to change without notification )

Weight of the robot (basic version)

1,5 kg

Maximum speed

3,3 km/h

Maximum climb slope


Drop height

< 9 m

Range in buildings

30-100 m

Range in open area

100-350 m

Operating time

≈ 1 h

Basic equippment

Camera, microphone, white light LED illuminators/ LED IR illuminators


Additional load
TRM granat
  • allows to mount the following on the robot:
    a system of blinding and stun grenades
    aggressive gas receptacle (tear gas, sneeze gas)
    signal smoke receptacle

We declare willingness to modify the robot and optional equipment according to the user’s needs.




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